Monday, 10 October 2011

A bout me :D

Hey there D:
My name is James Farrell, I am 21 years of age and from the West Midlands Birmingham. Happy to announce I is a first year student of De Montfort University, studying Game Art Design course. I am very proud of myself and grateful to think I have achieved a place in a University and finally a course that feels consciously connected to me.

“A new chapter of my life has just begun. Please enjoy the experience with me”
Well, I had to climb up the ‘ladder you could say’ because, soon after I left school. I struggled to what I want to do; to keep it short. I did a ‘Game Development course’ I left after six months, because it didn’t feel right with me, I wanted to practise within the traditional realm.
   So I did First Diploma Art and Design, for one year then rolled onto the National Diploma Art and Design for two years after. So I’ve done a lot of catching up to do, within understanding the practical and theoretical of ‘Art’ itself.  I had a lot of dislikes towards the course structure or topics, because I just solely wanted to learn how to draw and paint, however felt this was a very limited and narrow view. So I appreciated what the course offered towards my own path and education, because I have gained x amount of skills and I feel a lot more confidents and knowledgeable person in the crafts of understanding and being an Artist.

Like many other students on this course, I have also been interested into video games/ cartoons/ movies, because the visual creation just excites me. However video games I find a lot more unique then cartoons and movies, while it show and tells to us.  In videos games ‘you’ are the engager. The narration, characters, artillery, environments and the overall visual design, always been very fascinating to me and now I feel to be a part of it, the part of the creation.
I have also had a growing interest into different cultures and history that led to many off-peak hours, and also researching and understanding the essence of life, creation, the world and the universe.  I feel I am a ‘truth seeker’ because the truth is what shall set us free and the light of it all is, there are many fearful events that has  happened and will happen on this earth and in the cosmos that, as an developing artist, find it thriving and inspiring, to see and feel this.
   Growing this exploration feel of ‘must know’ giving me this thirstiness, I want to travel to many other countries, learning it’s cultures and others and by being an artist, I can document it, by my skills that I am developing.
I have being learning to play an instrument for couple of years (off and on). The piano/keyboard, always felt a dying passion and interest for me. Music in general (not mainstream) but more so, from Video games, cartoons and movies and other genres of music, that I never really focus on the lyrical side of songs, but more so, how the frequency and the fluency of how ‘that’ music, makes you feel. So trying to gain this ability to become a musician on the side, that is gaining and aiding me attributes towards ‘I-me’ as a whole.
I am never afraid of learning and doing something new. I was before, I feel I have left my old software self behind and now in the improved progressive state of being now, that I want to try and keep it consistence and thus improve beyond this, endlessly…
I do aim to get into the industry but I do not aim to chase success. I am here to gain the knowledge and wisdom of the course, students, tutors and the environment of the university; this will help provide me the right skills, I wish to acquire. I am a very open person and thinking what artist I would like to desire, I do not want to narrow in given time, because I do not want to disregard anything else. So I am leaving myself open, so I can engulf and digest everything.

However, I would love to work for Sega, or Square nix, Capcom, because these companies, really inspire me on their art direction.
-Year one goal.
Master my fundamentals
Get into deeper practise of learning /studying of course time and personal time
Put that extra dosage of spirit and energy of effort in my work
Learn and understand what I can and keep an open mind.
And more…..
Thanks for reading ^_^ hope it’s been somewhat inspiring :D ;-;