Tuesday, 29 July 2014

FMP - Natural Homes Retypologing

 Just like to note that I lost all my old max saves. From the early white boxing of the house and other model of concepting. My hard-drive failed which was 'bs' and can't show anything previous in max.

These are my finish result of retypologing  the Wizard House High_Poly. 

My first attempt, was ridiculously higher in tri's because I went and captured alot of the house which I realize  was a mistake.

So I redone it and end up with this result. I realize  next time, I can save even more tri's because I understand a good deal on how powerful normal mapping is and with simple geometry can capture alot of the sculpt / detail.

However I put quite a bit of typology at places because I wanted that extrusion and real geometry because when sculpting the building I had that in mind.

Images of the retopologize Wizard House.

I did decide to sculpt the roof of the Wizard House which would be made of 'thatch material'

The end result of the Wizard House Roof, retopologize.

 We have two structures here. One on the right is for the roof on the left which will hold the front roof of the house.

Within the retypologing process, I tested out the normal mapping and baking. 
On the left is the retypologing model and on the left is just a simple cylinder that both had been unwrapped and baked for a test, for myself to understand how powerful normal maps are and how much can you get away with a flat surface and less geometry

I decided to put them in UDK for further testing, understanding and comparison.

Retypo Left and Cylinder Right

The retypo version is obviously the winner, but the others one, isn't to bad on some parts.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

FMP - Natural Homes Zbrush Final Sculpt

Here is my final sculpture of the Wizard House walls.

I'm happy with the result, a lot of personal symbolism, care and attention gone into all of it. I learn't number of stuff through the progression of this building. I satisfied my 'Natural Homes' need. 
Now on to what is next!

Friday, 25 July 2014

FMP - Natural Homes Zbrush Sculpting #2

Added a lot more detail to the front of the building now and I'm happy to how it is looking.

I had gave a lot more depth to the music notes to make them appeared that they are sculpted in more and I have written some symbolic rune lettering, that makes up a word. :)

Added a lot more detail to the front of the building now and I'm happy to how it is looking.

I had gave a lot more depth to the music notes to make them appeared that they are sculpted in more and I have written some symbolic rune lettering, that makes up a word. :)

Started to add quite abit of detail to the hand. By using my own hand as reference. Adding a few creases and lines for subtle detail but perhaps the fingers could be a little longer in length.

I masked out parts of the hand and then sculpted in the details patterns and the rest of the hand I added some noise and texture to it, to give it a material property, which made a nice section off, from the symbols, as you can see. I decided to sculpt a key on the left hand-side, to empower more of the symbolism.

Back of the house, with cleaner development. I was experimenting with some patterns and shapes which I quite liked, so I went round them with Dam Standard just like the musical notes, to make them more like they are calved in and pop out more. Improved the moons for sculpting and added rocks around  the board of the house, to break up the walls and I thought it be a nice touch!.

Here is where I added a few symbolism. It might look as some icons to some, but they are in line with the Pleidian constellation, also I will eventually colour them and they are placed in order of the chakra system from red  to white . 

The fun part, starting to put the little details in, to give it that realism and great effect! I also added to compliment the 'key & hand and eye' an hour glass, but more so in a represented as a glyph and with text saying Time & Space.

As I have masked off all the areas apart from the light shade wall. This is where I adding in some detail and also natural  weathering damage, to give it that believe ability.

Alot more serious detail, adding in the grooves and around the sculpted areas. Since the sculpted areas represent the 'suns' flare/ flame and so I wanted to give it, it's owns unique pattern and design.

Much more added symbols and patterns to the back of the house, like with arcane spells and other symbols.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

FMP - Natural Homes Zbrush Sculpting #1

I was very much inspired by this home. I found the shape that was simplistically enough and yet it held a lot of great interest, like the amount of assets around, hanging on the walls.

So feel much more confident in knowing what I want to manifest and the scribble practice before hand, may not look much but they were good working out for myself.

Here is where I shaped the building different, bulging out areas, give it more of a human-organic, imperfection.

I've masked out the circle bulging which I will sculpt in later and started to create some shapes and patterns, using the Dam-Standard brush.

Completely alot more of the front of the house, it's alot more symmetry at the moment but I will make it asymmetrical once adding in the details. However I started to flesh out some symbols like the sun and some music notes.

I started to sculpt the back of the house, sculpting in the dual twin moons and also yin and yang on either side.

Here is what is one of my most favorite part of the building. It occurred to me a hand symbol with the 'all seeing eye' but in a positive expression, would be pretty awesome and has numerous of symbolic meanings and expressing I can attach to.

Just laying out the constellations cluster, unsure what to put there at the moment. I'm thinking of having something similar to the 'logs' above maybe?

Sunday, 20 July 2014

FMP - Natural Homes Wizard House

Due to my hand in was over, I had to resubmit my project, so with little time I had I did my best to improve and neaten my level from the previous one and went about creating a proper house as the main focal point of the Forest Level.

Well I decided to revisits one of my main mood-board, just to get back into the feel of it all and the direction I wanted to take it.

 I decided to chop down and have the main references that were the most inspiring.

Due to the walls was being made of cobbed material, which I am basing it from. It allowed me complete sculpted freedom, to enjoy and create random and conscious shapes and symbols.

I'm fascinated in alot of things and I enjoy un-covering symbolism in alot of signs, words, pictures, symbols etc. Thus I decided to create my own symbolic building because the Natural Homes are symbolic to the creators whom made them. So subconsciously based around my self, from my own interests and passions for this I wanted to implement these things into my Nature Homes building.

These are symbolism and meaning based around, Magical symbols, pagan, elemental and star constellations. Some are 'official' and others were created by the community, just to give me ideas on making my own from them.

Extra symbolic symbols such as  Magical Glyph, Tree of Life and geometric, patterns, which would aid the Wizard Theme.

I wanted an Yin and Yang theme, duality, shadow & light, male & female and other deeper meaning of Sun and Moon symbolism. Which also will fit with the rest of the theme and to have one as an entrance and a exit sculptor of my building.

This was looking at space and time, psychedelic, extraterrestrial and constellations symbols.

I had problems with typology when importing the base mesh into Zbrush, when I was increasing the typology it was really screwing up, I went back in to max and made sure there were correct cuts, but didn't work. So I decided to still import that and then used a cylinder underneath, when I trace out the windows and doors, so I know where they were placed at. Job done!

I was stuck and just practicing, to get a feel for it all and getting used to Zbrush again with it's tools and brushes and coming up with shape and design.

This was going to be the back of the house, just roughly deciding how I would like how it to look. With the two moons sculpted at the head of the backdoor.

Just the side of the house, was just messing with some spirals and noticing how flat it all looks, it was good I notice this because I eventually mis-shape the house to be more organic!

Just a quick front of the house, playing with some symbols and sculpted sun sign at the head of the front door.