Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Camp Scene Project : Start!

The introduction:

For the purpose of this brief I have to employ specific techniques and procedures used for producing
in-game assets. The assignment closely reproduces the requirements and working constraints, for art
asset production within the game industry. I will have the opportunity to create something
relevant, while becoming more familiar with the tools and the procedures involved.

The models must look accurate to the collected reference, as well as showing good appreciation of
the final aesthetic, proportion, colour, silhouette and detail density. The meshes must be well laid out,
with good clean lines in the geometry and exhibit efficient use of texture space. Create an interesting and dynamic scene within UDK.

Comprehensive research, and documentation should be included with your submission

  • Your complete scene should be under 5000 triangles.
  • Total texture budget, is under 12mb. Use the texture budget efficiently.
  • Assets should be textured using maximum 1024x1024 textures. Prioritise detail and re usetexture space wherever possible. Maximise the use of your texture sheets
  • Any alphed areas should be grouped onto one texture.
  • All objects, cameras, maps and materials in the scene must be uniquely named.
  • Texture maps should be in .tga format.
  • Save all related maps together in un-flattened .PSD documents.
The finished scene must look like the reference/concept of the asset and be within the defined triangle and 
texture budget as well as completed within the time schedule.

With this in-mind,  now the main thing I have to be smart and plan my work and manage my time appropriately.
Inspiration/ Ideas

At hindsight. I knew that I didn't want to do a modern, camping scene with the normal materials and equipments. I came across a place called Cae Mabo, a place in Wales a the heart of snowdonia. Many years ago, I camped not far from that place, what a shame, that I didn't realise that place existed back then lol.

However my general interests are  about healing, meditation, spirituality and this place is a perfect inspiration of creating a camp-scene just in that manner, because it has a traditional fairy-tale look to the place, Cae Mabon is a retreat for such things as that.

I aiming for to hand-paint all my textures,it is because I want to practise and learn on how to do this properly and aim for a stylized project, something different I haven't done before.

References / Mood-Boards

 I have collected and created many mood-boards, of second hand reference of my research for inspiration and ideas,

Secondary References

A bunch of mood-boards of various of awesome tradional 'hobbit' houses, the interior of many of these fairy tale houses, tradional wooden furniture and design, with many other props that would exist around a camp scene. It  is just awesome to educate myself on the different type of materials used, the craftsman-ship and just another perspective of places, camping out and being more touch with nature.
 Primary References

Here are some of my primary references. References consisted from a bench, which I quite like the design of, which I notice as I was on a Bike ride around Leicester. It was getting late but manage to take photographs of  a broken wooden house and wood texture from that and posts, also scenery / ground and location. Then I came across some stone circles which I liked very much, understanding the placement, the ground they sat on and as well type of stone.

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