Thursday, 10 January 2013

Mortal Engine Project - Update # 1

 Well here are a few mood-boards of my image research.

Victorian, Gothic and Steam Punk fashion #2

Victorian, Gothic and Steam Punk fashion #1
Victorian, Gothic and Steam Punk fashion #3

Phantasy Star Universe Clothing design
and Colours

Phantasy Star Online 2
Character Design and concept
Well here are just five mood-boards for now, just had a fast research because I want my ideas to generate freshly and not spend too much time gathering references.

I got a reference from one of my favourite games, Phantasy Star Universe with images of how the models, fashion, colour, look and as well the artwork of the newer game Phantasy Star Online 2 game how the artist went about visually showing his character artwork

 Since I don't really understand good approaches to character designing. I thought to try sketch out and use the lasso tool to colour in.

I'm not going to further these pieces they were just practise, but I was understanding a process of Line work and then Colour work, that by neatening up the lines and filling in colour, could achieve a quick block out. Well It was a good practise to expand myself into other techniques.

Again trying to learn and understand other approaches.
  • First I did just a solid black silhouette,
  • Second removed a bit of the black to create pattern and design
  • Third: I thought to add mid-tone grey into the mix. 
They all seemed pretty good approaches and maybe a good step if working from a black Silhouette then build up by adding white, greys and darks, when finalizing the chosen designs.

These were just playing with shapes with the Lasso Tool then using paint. 
I will do a bit more of these and put much more effort into it.

I think looking into more design of tech/ mech fashion with keeping in mind of Victorian fabric and clothing, combining them both, just like how steam punk is combined with Victorian fashion. I will expand myself by improving the visual reality of the concept in a better way with line, tonal and colour. I can achieve this from drawing and painting with the brush or combining it with the lasso and fill technique I was learning. I could approach as well using simplistic toning and values like cel-shading and other styles.

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