Thursday, 10 January 2013

Mortal Engines Project - Starting

Okay 2012 has ended and all that old baggage, so I embark into a new dimension, feeling that new upliftment, transition of pure light energy and now I am an Super SaiYan, :D which the power up will help me greatly :D In this new semester of love and hate times of projects that seems a bit of a challenge but without challenge there isn't growth, so I accept it.!

Mortal Engines is our next project, Mortal Engines you say? Well it the first of four novels by Philip Reeves , I really should of read the book a while back when I had more of a chance, though at least I feel it's more of a purpose now.

The good thing a bout this project is the Visual Design caters two weeks of this project which it inter crate nicely by planning, concepting that aid our Game Production project which to build the mesh of our self base from the Mortal Engine world, not to mention we have to do a high poly model and then a low poly model, level of detail and then rig them.

So where do I begin?

Well I had a read through the brief and asked question of what Mortal Engines world consist, since I didn't read the book yet, I thought to do some brief research to get an understanding.

Victorian, Gothic, Steam Punk, Tech (throwing that one in :P), theme that I presume the world consists in it's theme/ style. So I will base my self as a character from the world.

I research a list of the main  character classes, so I believe there are;

Historian, Fierce Young Women, Fraud Historian. Asian Pilot, African Aviator member of the order of Engineers, Solidure, Engineer, Pirate. There are slightly other characters but the classes seemed the same.

However none of them really take much interest, so I am going to invent my own into the world but still keep it consistence. I am thinking of a Mage, Wizard tech class.

What I have to keep in mind-eye is the materials, texture, anatomy, modelling efficient, specific role or theme of myself with good Art and Visual Direction. I would consider in my project, Strong Character Silhouette, back packs, guns, tech, accessories,Good design and document, research, concept work anatomical accurate

Visual Design and Game Production - Here be a list of 'things to achieve' for both since they all are intertwined.
  • Research reference
    • Fashion: Victorian, Gothic, Steam Punk, Tech
    • Artist work of Mortal Engine
    • Design process and techniques
    • Other games, clothing, fashion, character models, art work.
    • Model characters
  • Reference Images of self/other
    • Portrait
    • Orthographical View
    • Clothes and Texture
  • Research Programs and Software guides and help; 
    • Level of Detail, 
    • Z brush, 
    • Character Modelling.
    • Photoshop
  • Mood-Boards
    • All the above collab together on separate board sheets of references
  • Drawing
    • Sketches, Silhouettes, Painting
  • Colour Palettes
    • Consistency of colour, meaning of colours,
    • Design, 
    • Logos
  • Texture and Materials Sheets
    • Metal, 
    • Plastic, 
    • Silicon, 
    • Fabrics,
    •  Lights, 
    • Patterns
    • Accessories 
    • Assets
    •  Colour Specular,
    •  Normal maps,
    •  Ambient
  • Self portrait
    • Understanding my own anatomy and proportions
  • Othograpical images
    • Photographs of my self for reference
  • Final image in situation
    • Perspective
    • Artwork of environments
    • Source primary and secondary reference to create environment from.
If I can think of anything else to add to list, I will add to it.

 When breaking it down in a linear pattern, it can look overwhelming and you think, how can I achieve all this? I really haven't planned my projects in this fashion like this for a good while and not leaving it to the end. I always think of it all but it helps a great detail to see it in words because you can forget. Well to me what important is good strong reference and direction of your theme and ideas, but sometimes it's hard to reach that if you have not understood, practise and learnt ways of achieving it. So having the time and effort to research your weakness to make it into your strengths, will save a lot of time trying to guess work it all and then from start to finish would be much more successful.

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