Monday, 29 April 2013

Location drawing - Leicester revisit : Update

I decided to do a couple more thumb-nails sketches, for more practise and deciding what image shall I do for my final. I quite like these, still improving my technique and understand contrast and as well paint strokes, in which, less is more.

I've decided to chose this theatre that is one of the buildings a round Leicester  By looking at my thumbnails, I really enjoyed painting this picture and as well I really like the whole feel of the building and shot. It has a nice two-point-perspective and a swell, great light and darks.

This is just an small little update improvement from my thumb-nail which I scaled it up and painted on top to fix and improve it, but my fundamental of perspective and everything was still decent enough in place, so mostly I just have to paint and blend.

Well this is my final at original A3 size, still got a bit to do, like to fix the perspective, adding more detail to the building and as well get it to an realistic standard. Quite fun learning a great deal :)

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