Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Codemasters Vehicle Project - Modelling


This led me into gathering the actual blue prints of the Micra 1983 which had both advantages and disadvantages. Due to how intricate the references are you are using for support, they never match up quite well enough and this causes frustration as you try so to juggle between viewports. However with great persistence this can be achieved.


I decided to vertex/ edge pull method instead of box modelling it. Work out alright for a quick practice to get used to but I soon scrapped it and started again.


More progress screens of my vehicle. At this point I was thinking what design to add to the vehicle front. Probably best to do couple of sketches and look back at my references to gather some solid ideas.

After the simple silhouette of the vehicle completed. I decided to then do a sketchy paint over in photoshop, at this point I decided to add some sci-fi elements to it and aim towards an concept car piece.

Here’s the front of the vehicle, decided not to add much of the ‘sci-fi element' to it any more but back onto being sports rally and concept car.

 Some extra shots and improvements. I got rid of the front bumper and decided to go with a nice arch and flat front base.

 I decided to create a flat colour materials to get a sense of what colour I would like the vehicle.

The finish typology of the vehicle and with an low poly interior. I created an inner shell for the interior because the shaders are not two sided and it just made it to transparent.

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