Thursday, 28 November 2013

Codemasters Vehicle Project - Texturing and more!

Finally the model is finish!!!, Time to have some fun doing some texturing, not sure what I am going to do as such but just going to get stuck in there!
How confident I am right now lol.

 I decided to look into more concept cars and sports cars for the logo’s and sponsors they have on them.
Some progression shots of my vehicle , I decided to go with orange and black, quite subtle and as well started to add my own design elements into the vehicle.

 Nearly finish stage, got to improve my wheels. I decided to make this car sponser from Sonic. When Sonic & All-Stars Racing Tansformed was released Sonic & All-Stars Racing in development, they announce NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is going to be a playable character in the upcoming game and since recently Sonic had their 20th anniversary, I decided to put two and two together and create my Nissan March 13 get sponsor

My diffuse, emissive, spec and normal maps.

For my environment, look back at my references I really like the car showroom, as if it was displayed at an convention. I also thought couple of monitors, display board and as well Sonic sponsors stand there also.

As you can see I tried to set up my lights, to the floor spot lights, shining on the vehicle and then some above. Hopefully gives me this dramatic effect.

Just some cool variation of lighting renders.

My environment textures.

On these I was just putting in my lights for when  I will bake them to texture, by unwrapping in the second channel and then 'render to texture' to bake the lightmap.

Second image is where I was setting up my cameras for my cube map.

Final Renders without Shaders on.

Final Renders with Shaders on.

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