Friday, 31 January 2014

FMP - Moodboards and ideas

From a  break down of my brief from my previous blog, it is time to get in some visual elements and development.

From my project in the summer I did look at 'Natural Homes' and created a small 'Camp Scene' from it. Now I have improved all my 3D skills since then and throughout my third year,and I am ready to further develop that theme and go with a Fantasy Wizard House.
 Very much my inspiration and resource for alot of things.

It was a bonus to have kept my previous mood boards which can be of use and I may re post some of them.

As I mentioned in my brief , there are many descriptions I want to create and achieve for my environment. Following are some mood boards to give more of an idea where I want to take my project

A collection of Mushrooms which I will put my own design elements on to, with different patterns, shape and colour. Scale is also a factor because I will have them larger than normal to give that fantasy element.

The final visuals show a different presentation of mushrooms which show difference in size, colour and design.

I have decided to add many exotic Plants, Vegetables and Fruits to be very saturated with bright vivid colours within the garden. Can add particle effects, emmissive and even some movement.


More pictures of exotic plants.

A small capture of exotic fruits like the Durian fruit, the grey,green image similar in appearance to the seed of a horse chestnut . I find them beautiful and appealing in the design, texture and how they are shaped around the exterior, then inside it is another dimension.

 I have many references, I am of a horder of them. I decided to put most of them, the key selected ones into a massive moodboard where, I can zoom in and out and everything is in one place.
I still have space to add more if I need to.

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