Friday, 31 January 2014

FMP - Progression Concepting.

From my research and data collected, I feel more focused and directed.

I realised the next stage maybe challenging but I am highly motivated to start because of the enjoyment I feel I will get on completion.
Some imaginative thumbnail sketches for practise and to get some visual ideas down.

These are just some quick thumbnail paintings of the Wizard House.  I just wanted to get my ideas down, very rough but it's a start to work it out.

I decided to create some fast white boxes of the Wizard House. Just looking at different shapes and what I can play with to create a unique building.

A quick design of ornaments.

One thought was to create some simple plant-pots and quirky ornaments for the garden.

I started to do a practice white-box, which I did in 3DS max. I made a high-poly plane and then used the graphite modelling tools to create the terrain.

After constructive feedback today, from my tutors, I realized that I was going off track with the big scale elements and the route to the Wizard House and needed to get back to focus on the garden and the house. I need to have a small surrounding environment but nothing over complicated.

Initially I was going to have the player start at the bridge and then there would be water falls on the left, with mountains, trees, rocks and more, that the player would encounter when walking through.
However, such detail would cost me dearly in both time and resources resulting in reducing the key focal point which is the Wizard House.

This rough white-box of the bridge and pathway has been included here to demonstrate the initial idea for the start of the level. If you just imagine a waterfall on the left and tall trees, would be surrounded by grassy, rocky terrain, whilst walking across the bridge to the pathway

I did find the 'enclosed' feel of the trees was, what I would be aiming for,  hidden away in the 'forest'.

This is not the building I will be using, but just placed something in the scene, perhaps with a surrounding wall. The image I wanted to create is surrounding forestry and then the garden full of fantasy elements with an awesome Wizard House :)

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