Monday, 17 February 2014

FMP- Building WhiteBox

 Just an old quick model I was deciding it could be place on a hill.

Another building attempt. Keeping certain elements from my previous work. I went with more of a oval shape and decided to have this placed upon a tree, with a platform supporting the building.

I had to be mind-ful of creating an 'inner wall' because of the realistic thickness and the outer exterior wall doesn't show in the same texture.

This is the shot inside of the building, I will tweak each wooden beams to make them looking more unique, but these are just place holders for now, getting in the foundation.

I decided to have the roof flat to one side, because I thought it would break up the circular roof design and I can add a wood texture to it. I am liking the shape of it for now.

 This is just the other side that I split up so I can work on the main part. Also decided to create a second room onto.

I added a front door and a shelter for the entrance of the building.

a stage of my white-box, I still have windows and everything else to put in.

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