Monday, 17 February 2014

FMP - Progression Concepting #2

These were just 5 minute silhouette thumbnails, to convey some shapes and form to generate quirky house designs.

Adding more detail enable me to choose a possible final design, based on the idea of the wizard hat as a thatch/grassy roof. Experimenting through the design from natural tree buildings to more man-made material builds and then combining both the natural and the man-made

With the above figure, the initial design is show on the right, with added detail represented in the main drawing.

I created a whitebox for a test to understand my design in 3D. I looked at my design at each angles and there were some disappointed with the model from when compared with my 2D concept.

However, I gained more understanding from this experiment and design choices which I will take into my next experimentation.

This was a small practice of a paint over on a 3D model.
I decided to do a paint over on my white box using texturing and paint techniques, this enable me make different decision and get my visual ideas across.

Finish the paintover on my 3D model. I was trying to mix in alot of elements in like hand calved cobbed walls, thatch roofing, grassy slope foundation, wooden structure and stepping stone walkway.

Turned out alright, but I just don't get a right feel with this building and design, it just didn't make sense when I was breaking it up and creating it properly, so I am deciding to scrap it and take what I learn't, and improve my idea.

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