Sunday, 3 August 2014

FMP - Natural Homes - Wizard House - Texturing

 Starting on texturing and after successful bakes, I thought to show my desire results on my model. 
Ambient Occlusion and Normal Map 

 as you can see they turned out really good. Still I will optimized it in Photoshop but it's a great base to start painting and texturing on top.

Only few little save out I had, of some stages of texturing.

I have started to texture the rocks around the wall. I thought to go with some majestic colors like from what you get with crystals such like the reference beneath. Which will hopefully give me the result of the sparkling rocks.

Trying to get the back of the house looking much more convincing and intertwine the colors where they meet, in the middle of the duality moons. I wanted to keep it quite quirky and saturated sparkles, to get it look like the rocks

Very beautiful colors, that really are harmonious with each other. Get that sense of magic and cosmic-ness from it, which hopefully suit my building.

Here is where I was adding some cracks, grunge and other natural wear and tear to the building, through the diffuse texture. With the natural look, hopefully give it that believe-ability.

Just testing, colors for the front of the building, just see how a mixture of a brown, red and yellowish color blend in well. As natural wear and tear over time, of all it's composite paint would of bleed into one another due to weathering, dirt and grunge  forming a new look to it. I'm more so looking to use colors base from the Sun Symbol in the middle, as I will paint in the symbols and signs different to the base color.

Here is where I  was deciding when texturing to have the hand-palm in a nice golden color, which it would of been made of gold. The key and the time & space symbol also.

By doing some quick research about Gold. It is interesting to find out in short that; Gold cannot rust. As the term 'rust' is specifically iron oxide. So Gold is highly unreactive metal in it's pure form. i.e (24 Karat). However the additives used in jewelry may facilitate minor reactions leading to 'tarnished' or otherwise 'rust-like' appearance.

So by this, there will still be some slight weathered and tarnished look to it, to fit the building weathering..

Testing out how the texture was looking for the thatch roofing. I decided not to use Zbrush sculpted information via baking. However I made a seamless texture and tiled the roof. Felt it was much more efficient and  I can then use other textures and split into many other 1024x1024 texture.

I was having a major bug where, if I load in the PSD file, it would error and crash. I fixed it by resetting the texture paths.

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