Tuesday, 29 July 2014

FMP - Natural Homes Retypologing

 Just like to note that I lost all my old max saves. From the early white boxing of the house and other model of concepting. My hard-drive failed which was 'bs' and can't show anything previous in max.

These are my finish result of retypologing  the Wizard House High_Poly. 

My first attempt, was ridiculously higher in tri's because I went and captured alot of the house which I realize  was a mistake.

So I redone it and end up with this result. I realize  next time, I can save even more tri's because I understand a good deal on how powerful normal mapping is and with simple geometry can capture alot of the sculpt / detail.

However I put quite a bit of typology at places because I wanted that extrusion and real geometry because when sculpting the building I had that in mind.

Images of the retopologize Wizard House.

I did decide to sculpt the roof of the Wizard House which would be made of 'thatch material'

The end result of the Wizard House Roof, retopologize.

 We have two structures here. One on the right is for the roof on the left which will hold the front roof of the house.

Within the retypologing process, I tested out the normal mapping and baking. 
On the left is the retypologing model and on the left is just a simple cylinder that both had been unwrapped and baked for a test, for myself to understand how powerful normal maps are and how much can you get away with a flat surface and less geometry

I decided to put them in UDK for further testing, understanding and comparison.

Retypo Left and Cylinder Right

The retypo version is obviously the winner, but the others one, isn't to bad on some parts.

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