Sunday, 22 April 2012

Elements of Game Design part 2: Art Direction

Ha, in ways we all take roles as 'directors' some part of our life, but what I am going to discuss here, is Art Directors, for games, moves and others in the entertainment industry. The general role and job description for such person is that various artist may create or develop specific parts of an art piece or scene but it is the charge of the sole art director to supervise and unify the vision. The director is controller of the overall visual appearance and how it communicates appeals to a target audience.

We watch in one of our critical studies lesson, the development of Black Hawk Down, it shown how Ridley Scott who was the Art director of the film, contrasted well with the artist not because they were on same level playing field, but on how Ridley expressed his ideas.

 The awesome thing was that, through out the interview they were showing thumbnails concepts of each sequence, which Ridley scott stayed true to each thumbnails of the storyboard.

 Watching this, really opened my 3rd eye, because it gives me a new perspective to other job roles in the industry. It' totally important role to be able to visualise and pitch your ideas, direction to yourself and most importantly to your team. A plus factor to Ridley Scott is his  background by which is an artistic background, he knew the fundamentals of art,  which he merged and used that knowledge with his films that gives most effect and emotion. He also communicate an extra step to other artist through the creative draft of problem solving through drawing, that many other directions probably haven't got that acquire skill/ talent.

You can watch the video here you will inspired.

Black Hawk Down : Featurette - Storyboards

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Film Art Director

A film art director carries out the movies artistic vision as defined  by the production designer. An Art director is in charge of the drafts men who design the sets and the construction manager who physically builds the sets. The art director also works with the set decorator and prop masters to make sure all of the elements mesh and he or she is contact for the special effects team. Plus, the art director is in touch with accountants and producers to make sure everything used on the sets is within the budget. and yet so much more.

Being an director doesn't mean you have to have the top notch skills in drawing and painting. An art director consist of much more. The direction is more of a visionary and it's not a bout knowing the software or programs but have that exploration of observing other areas in movies, games, comics, paintings etc and by this, your able to come up with original and unique ideas/ styles. Which then you'll be Guru.

Game Art Director 

The direction of the Game Art Director is in ways similar to the Film Art Director. Which they both work with teams, have their ideas pitch and they direct, both very visually creative and overseas and maintained stability within the product they are creating. There are some significant difference such as, elements which games consist, that in film you do not need to do.

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