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Game Review : Killing Floor

The game I am going to review is .....

Killing Floor is a cooperative first person shooter video game
developed and published by Tripwire Interactive.
It was released on May 14, 2009 for Windows and for Macs on May 5, 2010.

So please enjoy and read what type of game Killing floor is.

 Killing Floor is an first person shooter, which Gameplay consist of a single game type, in which the player fights waves of zombie-like specimens, with each wave becoming successively more difficult, untill it concludes with a battle with a 'boss' specimen called the Patriarch.

This is the Patriarch
Annoying when you grind your way to the last round and
your wiped out by him!

So the players earn in-game money for each kill, as well as for surviving to the end of a wave.

                                 "Lots of Money!!!

 In the time between each waves, players can visit a trader to buy and sell ammo, armor and additional weapons; the traders location on the level varies at the end of each wave, which it discourage players from camping in one location. Weapons may also be found randomly across the level. 

Players are also encourage and it's a must really to work together; by trading items and dropping money and as well healing is more effective on others players then yourself and the team can also strategically weld doors shut to provide temporary barrier from the oncoming horde which then you can create tactics by funnelling creatures to specific areas.

One of my favourite maps, The Biotics Lab. Good example of funnelling enemies down the 

corridor for a good ownage.

That edge that gives Killing Floor good playable and long lasting factor is The perk system which players select one of six perks at the start of a match andbetween rounds. The perks, sililar to the idea of a character classes, which prodives bonuses towards certain weapon types, armor, movement and other factors. Players can level up each perk to increase the benefits it offers.

The great thing a bout this is for example the "Sharpshooter" perk, which provides accuracy benefits when using scoped rifles, can be raised in level by completing a number of head shots with specific weapons. The player does not need to play with that perk to raise it level; just like if  I was a Field Medic perk which requires the player to heal which gives numerous  of points to then level up, but this can be done while playing any of the other perks.

So in Killing Floor, if you die during a wave, you have to sit out and then spectate the existing players that are alive. It can be frustrating if you die early on and wait, but it can also be quite exciting where if there is one of your friends survived and your watching his survival. If all players is wiped out, the game ends and have to restart.

So here is an screenshot of one of the matches I played. Yeah he was nearly dead but my team wasn't that good and it was only me doing the damage, he totally destroyed me.
He may won this battle but not the war!


So each game can be configured to alter the length and the difficulty of the various waves. The game is quite fair and it's based on the numbers of players that join in the game increases the numbers of enemies spawning in the wave.

The cool feature on this game is "zed time" which from particular gory kills, such as headshots that it goes all matrix style and slow-motion. As on certain perks the duration can last longer and you can have a volly of zed time from other players and yourself achieving those gorykills. It can really be a life saver.

The good thing a bout this game to make it fresh each time is the online multilayer, you can really be in an awesome team or a terrible team which can ruin your experience of play. The game can be a fun grind because of the perks system and unlocking achievements.

 The one thing I like to mention is the music and sounds which sounds like brute/ metal? Well the sounding that works well for this survival horror game. With headphones and playing in the dark it can get quite creepy with the sounds of the environment and the zombies can really scare you when you get off it early hours in the morning and going to bed, visualising it all which the music can be blamed for this, I swear gets your adrenaline going lol.

It's also so funny as the voice commands in this game is classic British accent.

Enjoy, so funny..

Well as for the graphics, It's probably not 'next-gen' but it's really still good and to be fair it fits the game. As well as being on Game Art course most stuff you can compare to the stuff were creating in 3D max, can give you some good ideas. 

 It's totally different to Left 4 Dead and other zombie horror games, but if your just looking for a good wave wipe out killing, with a lot of fun factor with awesome perks (classes) fun voice acting, good music and weapons selection. Then I recommend picking it up on Steam for cheap. It still come out with updates with new downloadable content. It's a killer price!

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