Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New Game Journalism

Video game journalism 

is a branch of journalism concern with reporting and discussion of video games. It is typically based on a core reveals/ previews/ reviews cycles. There has been a recent grown in online publications and blogs. So New Game Journalism is a only an term that coined in 2004 by journalist such as Kieron Gillen, which he personal anecdotes, reference to other media and creative analyses are used to explore game design, play and culture. It is model of New Journalism applied to video game journalism.

When I was younger that was more of a time I brought magazines, but not many really. It was more for 'cheat codes' where the internet didn't exist with them. Yeah I did look at what up coming games, but I didn't constantly read magazine for a fix of what coming out.

I did enjoy some articles giving information on some games I was interested or it was nice stumbling games that was in development and as well other range of articles. Though I generally just was fascinated by the images, art and features then reviews of the games

.I wasn't a serious game buyer, I had a few I like and only really brought other games if friends suggested or I played them and I came to a summery I like it or not, main reason because I was young and I didn't have money to go out and buy and try games.
(as well my parents didn't want me and my brother playing games all the time loll)

However I know a few people who was more serious in gaming then I was. So they were the people who brought the magazines often and read the reviews like its democracy. So yeah, reviews of games and it's rating they trust the reviewers writing a bout their thoughts on the given game  a lot more serious.

I always enjoyed looking up game rating for the interest on how they were rating in the spectrum. Though may times I say to my self, "How is that an 7.5? it deserve  a lot more then that and ranting to my self saying "it's awesome, because of this and that." and then giving it a un consious review to myself. So I do not take them serious one bit anyway, but take it into an account and actually as I said makes me reflect on the game.

Now with the creation of the internet and companies such as Gametrailers, Ign, Gamespot, which are websites surrounding a bout Gaming information, so millions of people view there information and articles and a step forward on which magazines can't give, is video and a lot more of a database is kept and stored there and it's free and easily accessible, however company like IGN has been slated to be an awful game reviewers not all but some, as few commentors on youtube says IGN are IGNorant* which is pretty funny, however even normal folks like us nowadays do there own video game journalist.

 Which at times be a lot more open and fair view to the public people. Sometimes when bigger titles comes out, too much clutter of advertisements all around gives you a sense of they just been paid to do that, without an actual care of the product and us to give a truth description if it's 'yey' or ney' and so then when they review or preview their titles, they overlook a lot of flaws that any other smaller game they nip-pick it like anything.

What I do like is Game rating, sometimes it can give you a some what summary of the game from your thoughts and views whether you agree on or not. Can be a good guideline for reviewers, so you know what your reading/ watching is aspect of the game they are rating and then given it an 'overall'.
However the bad side of this is, it can be very off putting as in, if you saw a game you quite enjoyed and thought it's reasonably well or seeing a game coming out, that looks interesting and it scored something from a miserable 6.0 then that can normally put you off that game you was looking forward to.
Again I think video evidence and review of the game can make it some what a better judgement on your own behalf and to others, because you get to analyse and agree or disagree with the reviewer and you can learn how to analyse a game or even rate it yourself because you probably wouldn't of notice those things.

The end all is in my opinion, yeah just don't take it too much serious, but enough to be passive with the information you are looking at.

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