Saturday, 1 December 2012

Destination Bradgate Park: Week 4

We are back, back to the land of Bradgate Park. Really is a beautiful place, the scenary is amazing, it has nice diversity of hills, forestry, landscapes and wildlife. I really do feel like to have a good run to explore the place in excitment and get into my own child-heart of fun and adventure, specially as the weather was 'dull' (yeah no sun again lol) but also the dazzle of rain and fog, was beautiful conscious feeling and sight, abosorbing all the harvest of energy from the earth. Shame I was tide down by my coat, bag and equipment, but I remember my experience and feeling haha.

 Here are some images once again :) showing some beauitful landscapes of Bradgate park.

We have an old building that we can't go around anymore, shame :( but seeing it still great.

Then you can find some deers potting a bout and this time I saw a big bunch of these guys a bout, was nice and interesting, to see how they interact :) then we got the streams and the road path you can follow down.

However here, with the Game Art crew, we went 'off road' to find our selfs ha :D
(or probably finding the way back, "help were lost, anyone?")

Here is my first set of thumb-nails of Bradgate park. It was hard due to the weather, but I got as much as I could, untill I had to do the rest by reference.
 I think I have improved on my accuracy in some areas and I was trying to do some different mark-making, but meh, I am not liking my thumb-nails at the moment seems a bit dry and bland? But I am still happy with my work and progress so, not to worry a bout it, I will eventually get the improvement I am looking for.

 My other set of thumb-nails, I thought to give some isolation on some objects and to study them and I thought to try some variation of shading. I quite like some of my good results in these set of thumbs :)

Here some bradgate digital thumbnails, I was trying to capture and put in my own light source, capture the essence of nature and the place.

This was a semi-final I was painting, I did a quick thumbnail and to understand the lighting, the roundness of the building and the perspective since I believe it's three point perspective.

I did really quite like the lighting conditions and the overall composition but I didn't really feel this was a final but good investment in my time and what I got from it.

My Bradgate Digital Final processes

Just screen captures of my work, I approached this with silhouette of value then apply paint on top. I found it pretty useful way of approaching. I made a lot of correctness and improvement of the image as the process goes on, specially the deer, since he looked a bit awkard but looks much better. I feel that I could of spent a lot more of my time, rendering the grass properly and a lot more overall. 

My grey scale and colour finals, really like the outcome , I believe I captured great values on the grey scale and the environment around, trying to get it as much detail I can within good time. The colour version I used the colour layer and painted onto  with a multiply layer and overlay, just trying different methods and ways to approach colouring after grey scale

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