Saturday, 1 December 2012

Destination Loughborough Trainstation : Week 2

The Game Art teletubbies crew, (we may as well be called that) beause were all a bout fun and games and ready to work our a$$es off for mondays visual design lesson the paradox of that, we are still half and the only fun and games, is to stay in bed haha ^____^

Nah I kid, we all "playfully" adventured to the land of Loughborough Trainstation for the second week of drawing out in the open virtual air.

First off the weather was dry and a slight drizzle at times, we was prepared but there wasn't no Mr.Sun :( so not much to capture the lights and shadows in our drawing, We keep missing those days lol.

Here are just some images I taken on the day of the place, thought it be nice for the viewers to see what type of place it is. It was a very interesting place, it is a museum kind of place, where it has the old traditional platforms and rooms, with some items a bout and of course stationary trains.
We were able to go walk this path and cross some tracks that led to the garage of 'men at work' I am suprise they were okay having students not only from our university and there was some from a college near Loughborough, near the area or inside the massive garage.

 that 'the health and safety' personal would have a fit hah :D
There was some massive trains inside and other interesting objects a bout, the people didn't speak to us but more so looked like we didn't existed ha, but atleast we were able to go inside and around the place without no trouble, it was very intriguing, looking at different kind of shapes, objects and the details on them

Here is my first page of thumb-nails, it was a bit tricky to understand the perspective on things and mark-making on some objects to give outsome destint forms. Felt my drawings lacked the imporants of information, detail and the variation of value. 

However, it was a good practise step to understand and problem solve in my drawing, I did have a quick attempt in some water colours but not really committed well but what I got from is that I section out certain objects which was good, just need to be more careful but expressive ;)

 This was just practising on different ways and approach that can give much more drammic difference. Same object but ones at 1pp and the other at 3pp.

(the first one poorely drawn sorry lol)

I took in what I learn't from my previous page of thumb-nails and I thought to give much more time and care but still consider pace. However I used some of my markers to give in some value and hue mixed with my pencil markings. I quite like the effect and it was a lot faster to place down and it gives good results.
I really like this page of thumb drawings, because to me it has some diversity to it, with different mark-making, perspective and variation of objects.

My Digital Thumbnails

 Here are some digital thumbnails, a bout 15 minutes on each one. It was useful to understand the surfaces, materials, textures, to try to capture and paint this in speedy amount of time and also maintaining as much correctness and accuracy I can. I notice I was learning different painting styles and process which was useful.

 My Lough Borough, this took a bout 4-6 hours to paint. I wanted to do something a bit different for my Lough Borough final, it was also interesting to understand lights, dark and tonal value, reflectiveness and atmosphere. I wanted to try and capture the whole thing as best as I can and took a while to get things in the right perspective and angle, I believe things maybe a bit off still but happy with the result.

Pretty proud with this result, much better final from my Abby Park. I had a good critique from my peers and it was a bout the background the trees is in the wrong angle and there should be a bit more interest and the guy looks a bit sketchy and fluffy. I will commit these changes as soon as I got time to correct but for now, move onto the next!

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