Saturday, 1 December 2012

Destination Leicester Storyboard : Week 3

This week we had an interesting one, we had to go out in our lovely city, capturing Leicester in a storyboard feature which consisted drawing that visually communicated this.

Weather report:
Another miss from the sun and same old skies hahah ^___________^ oh well it's all good and fun and atleast were out and our course rocks for exploration :D Then in some boring academic lesson listening to some 'authority called teacher' repeating what he was told, to then repeat this upon you, without questions or no other version, that this is the only.
 Thank god I don't get doctrinated from this bullshit anymore. 
(not like I ever bothered in school anyway lol)
 Leicester is a beautiful and interesting city, it has some old and modern architect buildings. Which is awesome for us artist to see this characteristic.

These are just some of my pictures, not many but the ones I thought are very interesting. The shapes, patterns, structure, just so intriguing and very different :) I also got a bunch of textures whist I was out there as well, yummy ^_^!

Here are some of my thumbnail drawings of Leicester. I think I didn't really capture a 'storyboard' kind of feature, but what I done is have a go and practise drawing buildings and perspective.

I thought to try and attempt my drawings in a marker pen, it was challenging to keep it accurate but felt a lot better then pencil. I am thinking I could add colour over these in Photoshop or do a set of new ones maybe with a story to it and then finish it off with a final. I just enjoy learning and developing with these thumbs, even though I should break out and try different styles and mark-making to expand my creativity.

This was some quick interior drawings from inside this theatre building. Then I used some markers to give the page a quick wash of tone. Those simple gestural lines are really nice.

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