Wednesday, 2 May 2012

1 - One Point Perspective (canal)

First project to kick start the year. 1 Point Perspective, which I have never took the time to learn this or been taught it. It seems a bit tricky at first, but I thought I made some progress. It's felt really differ cult to execute this when drawing from life and it was good to see how much my observation needs a lot more improving and as well need a lot more practise in rendering organic objects that are around.

Here is my first set of Thumbnails.

 We had to have 12 minimum. I was not much focusing on realistic detail and drawing, (which felt I couldn't achieve greatly) however more so, getting the perspective down correct, with the horizon line at the right height and then project lines out from my vanish point.

Here is my next one, which I felt having a bit more spaced in my thumbnail helped me slightly. My rendering of water, trees and the environment around still need a bit deal of practise or that I find more accurate and better way to make 'suggestive' mark making.

After reviewing other people's work on how they undertake drawing the canals and having some feedback, it really broaden my scope on other ways of going a bout doing these thumbnails of the canal. As my previous drawings seemed 'too dark' with tone with not much shapes of anything. So I wanted to attempt more of a 'line drawing' so this makes me to observe where things are placed in space and the relation of my surroundings.

I feel I have improved a lot better from my previous ones, I am visualising and understanding perspective a lot better and by exploring other ways of producing an drawing it helped me in my creative process and my drawing.

This is my Final Drawing.

Drawing in my A3 sketch book, not really completely finish, although I made a lot of progression which from my thumbnails with awkward rendering and sloppy perspective have dramatically improved. Yes there is greatly a lot more understanding and practise I will do that I am still pleased in what I have achieve and take from what I have learn't and from my mistakes into my next piece.

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