Thursday, 25 October 2012

3D - Le' Trash La' Projúct part 2

 I decided to go with  this texture for my floor, because I wanted a different type of flooring then the pavements that I presume it give a bit of uniqueness and style which complemented with my wall.

Well I tried to remember how to tile with the offset, that if you half it once or half it twice maybe? I did have a try but didn't work well. I searched on-line and found a tutorial on how to tile, which was a bout using the offset but instead of doing the clone tool or patch tool or copy one side over, all you do at the start is select the area and press Fill > Content-Aware' tool and it really gives a brilliant result, then I did carry on using the other techniques to give it that better blend.

Well I remember from my collection of photographs, I keep for resource that I had a photograph of a scene of really awesome graffiti artist work. This is my brother in one of the picture to show my own reference.

 This is my texture, that I added a brick wall texture, which I didn't need to tile, because I transformed and stretch it across was only necessary and then I contrasted my reference and multiplied on top. Why I chosen this image, is because the art and graffiti is pretty original and goes with theme of my scene and has messages within the art itself.

Final Renders

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