Thursday, 24 July 2014

FMP - Natural Homes Zbrush Sculpting #1

I was very much inspired by this home. I found the shape that was simplistically enough and yet it held a lot of great interest, like the amount of assets around, hanging on the walls.

So feel much more confident in knowing what I want to manifest and the scribble practice before hand, may not look much but they were good working out for myself.

Here is where I shaped the building different, bulging out areas, give it more of a human-organic, imperfection.

I've masked out the circle bulging which I will sculpt in later and started to create some shapes and patterns, using the Dam-Standard brush.

Completely alot more of the front of the house, it's alot more symmetry at the moment but I will make it asymmetrical once adding in the details. However I started to flesh out some symbols like the sun and some music notes.

I started to sculpt the back of the house, sculpting in the dual twin moons and also yin and yang on either side.

Here is what is one of my most favorite part of the building. It occurred to me a hand symbol with the 'all seeing eye' but in a positive expression, would be pretty awesome and has numerous of symbolic meanings and expressing I can attach to.

Just laying out the constellations cluster, unsure what to put there at the moment. I'm thinking of having something similar to the 'logs' above maybe?

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