Friday, 18 April 2014

FMP - UDK - Effects and Sound; Pollen, Rain, Thunder and Lightning.

This is where I was learning and practising how to represent a misty atmosphere which is often found on  flat country land.
This is one of the ways I was attempting to create the illusion of fog.
On the Fog Volume Spherical Density, properties. I was experimenting with the density of the fog and other properties to get the desired result I need for my level.
With this type of Fog it generated onto a Plane surface as shown above. Then within the properties I was able to expand it into a misty cloud.

I decided to create some flashes of lightning and then added sound that captured thunder and rain.
This is where I was doing it within the Unreal Kismet and the Matinee.

In the Matinee, on the timeline, I created Key frames that I adjusted to turn on and off to replicate the animation of lightning flashes.

Here is where I was setting up my actions that would play and loop in the level, the sound has not been created and added yet to the sequence of events.

Once the animation was finished I then imported a thunder and rain sound file into UDK. I created a sound_wave_node and then connected it into the Sound_Cue_Editor.

As you can see in this image the blue spherical radius that is closer to the centre, the more dominant the sound and the less dominant it is closer to the boundaries.  

Here is an attempt of a animation of adding puddles-splashes, when the rain makes contact with the ground surface. I decided to not keep the splashes in the end.

Now it was time to learn and create some rain. I decided to create a single rain drop in Photoshop because I would then be able to create an animation that would make multiple rain drops.

This was in a different view mode wire mode. It is faint but you can see the red markers which would be rain drops falling down.

I also created pollen floating within the atmosphere which also had the effect of creating a feeling of humidity-the feeling you get when the air is warm and damp.

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