Friday, 25 April 2014

FMP - UDK - W.I.P Fly-through and updates.

I decided to create a practice fly through of my level to just showcase what I have done so far.

Just a screen shot from the  view as seen from the players perspective, showing the scale of elements in the players view point and the variation of terrain that may present passage or obstacle for movement.

Several screen shots of my level at the players perspective from different angles, I enjoy capturing the players height with the grass and what the player could visibly see between the spaces naturally made by the grass-blades.

Initial screen shots showing the simplicity behind the idea of a Wizards house. It is envisaged that the external aspect of the wizard house will remain true to the natural form of a mushroom, but that the interior would be evidence of the magic held by the Wizard who lives there. This would make the interior a mansion in size.

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