Monday, 7 April 2014

FMP - Wizard Mushroom House

Just some references of a mushroom house that inspired me for the last moment change and something that can fit the level with the mushroom theme.

I decided to follow alot more closely from the bottom right illustration, which all credit goes to the owner of the concept.


 I chopped off the red mushroom head from the mushroom model and I placed it on top,  I tweaked the shape of it and then decided to create a larger mushroom base where the wizard would live inside, then added some simple windows and doors.

A couple of screen shots of the mushroom house. Very simple and basic, but at least there is a finished vocal point.

I would like to create a better one, if I can, one closer to my original concepts but still pleased there is something to show on top of the tree stump.

(update) Mushroom house in location of developed level

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