Thursday, 3 April 2014

FMP - Texturing. Mushrooms.

Next is texturing the mushrooms, initially I will be texturing the red mushrooms. I went back in Zbrush  to round off the underside and the side of the mushrooms because it looked too harsh before.

With time constraints I could not spend too long on the mushrooms but for the time I have done, I thought they turned out reasonably well. To get some noise and to colour change the surface of the mushroom, I decided to grab a texture of a red apple which has a gradual gradient and colours that I can use to start off and then improve from.

Finished mushroom, turned out great. I like the trunk of the mushroom, I thought I captured the surfaces well and I would improve the white spots next time.

I am aiming to texture a clear white mushroom, but I decided to add some of the brown tint and blemishes. Similar to the reference above.

I went back into Zbrush to fix this mushroom also. I smoothed the underneath and rounded it off, then used the move tool for  pulling down some of the edges so it would not look the same on each side when rotated.

The surface I created for the over all base of the mushroom, actually reminds me of 'wholemeal wrap's' Texture.  However I decided to have some subtle orange blemishes with the white being not so bright but a mixture between the colours.

I tested some of the blemishes underneath the mushroom, since it looked too unnaturally clean before, but will erase some of the sections underneath.

The 'white mushroom' finished result. I am pleased with it, if I get time I would perhaps create another texture, change some of it's geometry and texture a slightly cleaner version.

Tall brown mushrooms and fungi, that are more flat for a good platform jumping.

I did not want to clash too much similar colour and texture to the mushroom and the fungi, however I think they compliment each other at the end result.

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