Saturday, 5 April 2014

FMP - Wizard House Concepts

From my previous Wizard House concepts that I tackled a month or so back. I was aiming to have the house built from the surrounding landscape materials, for example tree bark which would be modular and pieced together to create the house, then the roof would be created with lighter bark pieces, dry grass, and big leaves.

Moodboard of  the Wizard house.

The references I took gave great influence which helped me to understand how I would go about creating a natural organic house that would fit my level.

On these concepts, I have given more details, that led me to understand the approach to model them.
I was thinking to have leaves as the roof, and shape it similar to a wizard hat for a symbolic purpose, tree-sap for the 'glue' that combines the bark pieces together. 

I have chosen and combined elements from my previous building concepts, then I improve on them with each version. Version #3 is much better developed, with more detail compared to the first version.

A small break down of the materials and where I would place them in a small finished concept of the house, I had in mind.

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