Tuesday, 11 March 2014

FMP- Foliage working out!

I was thinking what would be the best way to create the foliage, I need for my level. Alphas would definitely be the efficient and best option if it was a normal size person, but since my character is very tiny, I decided to model some grass, hopefully, some thickness and the freedom to arrange/ variation of size the model grass would be a good choice.

I followed part of this grass tutorial, not all because the end result was baking the model grass onto a plane to create an alpha from that. Which I didn't realize until I skipped parts of the video to see where the tutorial was heading. So the images above was at the stage on the tutorial of arranging your grass in different size, angle and bunching which then baking out different maps for texturing.

 It was useful because I learn't a few techniques on modeling the grass and other processes. 

The grass how they look for now. The original is the far right, then I decided to thinner the blades of grass, after testing them out in UDK they seemed to wide and then arrange into a small bunch.

It seemed to work well with the grass and it didn't cost to much with the tri's. I wanted to create more foliage and the ferns was next on my choice. I decided to give modeling them ago, however the tri's was ridiculous and so I am deciding that, It would be wise to model the actual stem and alpha the leaves, specially the ones above the player because they won't be seeing and hopefully still give the illusion of the thickness.

Just some quick sticks, I made. I didn't bother sculpting the normal, just created a diffuse texture and got my normal from that. Though I definitely redoing them.

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