Saturday, 29 March 2014

FMP - Texturing. Alphas

Alphas, probably one of the most fun  aspects of this process, was initially difficult to get my head around. The grass, especially due to my previous attempt of making them as a 3D model,  were very costly when modelling them around the landscape. So I have opted to complete it in planes, and check how they look.

I made four separate leaves with subtle changes to them and organised them in four individual bunches.

Dock Leaves are always around grassy and green areas, especially if nettles are about, they are the healers of their sting! I decided to model the stem and the branch, to give more thickness and thus to show much more authenticity when considering the scale of the player and his surroundings.

I thought the dock leaf turned out very acceptable and learnt new ways of how to present alphas by adding geometry to areas of importance.

I decided to add some nettles to contrast the dock leaves.

Two branches of nettle leaves, so that I can use them as modular pieces and create further features.

Few other variations of Nettles, creating my own look of how nettles may grow in the different arrangements.

The familiar dandelion I decided to model the stem as a 'family' grouping rather then have one lone stem. I was going to add a variation of buds and the Taraxacum  as seen from the image below.

Just demonstrating one of the packages of the dandelion, giving a variation of size and curvature in the stem and flower head, with each one having it own unique visual display.

Consideration was given to the fact that the limited light within the wooded area may mean some foliage maybe lacking in photosynthesis

I decided to create some big leaves for my branches. Just three different versions and colour to mix and match them about.

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