Monday, 24 March 2014

FMP - Texturing. The Tree's!

I had really poor baking errors throughout all my assets, which left  AO and Cavity result was disappointing. 

However I am finally on texturing something and I decided to texture my Tree Stump first. From using some little information from the AO and Cavity, I decided to improvise and add a soft blend of textures to help in the loss of the bakes.

I had also then generated a new normal map, that I overlay on top of my sculpted normal map, to give more information.

My finished Tree Stump texture
Time constraints meant that I had to pace the texturing phase which although restrictive, I thought it turned out pretty well.

Same problem with the AO and Cavity though I improvised adding texturing to the mix. I added a bark texture with dirt/ grunge, to the right areas of the tree log then afterwards applied moss on top.

The Final outcome of the Tree Log, overall it is what I had in mind from the start and so I am pleased.

The four tree branches that I am using as modular pieces. Just a base coat of a tile-able bark texture, will add moss on top to keep things consistent on my models.

Final Tree Branches

My Outer Tree, just a simple long Tree Trunk that tapers at the top. Just  a preview texture with some AO and Cavity maps  that were not exactly what I wanted, but gave a basic idea.

Outer Tree texture, from how the bakes looked on the left with some applied colour, to adding some textures to the mix, as seen on the right, looks much stronger!

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