Thursday, 13 March 2014

FMP - Landscape test sculpting in UDK

Found a great video to help me with my terrain, have to pause at the right moments, so many Saints Bernards all over the place lol.

I created a terrain floor in UDK. I was confused on the actual resolution size on the floor to which I decided to research to understand this.

The chart below,  gives an example of the resolution sizes that will enable me to have a clear idea when creating the terrain floor.

Even the lowest resolution 127x127 is equivalent to a city block, however due to my character will be tiny in a small patch of land, I figure that this might be reasonable.
Unreal Units
Having gained information regarding the creation of the terrain. I was able to produce the first attempt, as seen below,  which shows where the player begins the game. I was deciding on how to begin the player when he enters the level, to start in a hole/tunnel which then he will have two pathways to choose between.

Placing one part of the tree-stump at a time, enabled me to judged the scale of the stump in relation to the scale and dimensions of  the player and the surroundings.

Here I was trying to convey how some of the area around the base of the tree stump would appear to be raised due to the once exposed roots becoming over grown.

I felt the density of the terrain to be low to sculpt; it needed to have high density and to show how the level of the terrain were uneven due to the natural overgrowth  that has occurred over time both on the tree stump as well the surrounding area.

I was just testing and understanding how I would go about texturing the terrain. I noticed that since my player is really tiny and the surroundings would appear to be goliath in comparison, the 'test grass' base textured place appears to be very blurred due to the low resolution.  

By placing and testing out texturing the terrain really gave me a clear idea of the direction I wanted to go in, when sculpting the terrain. I also would make the player path more distinguishable from  the surrounding by making it obvious by using a dirt trail.

I decided to import in my grass models to check out the scale relationship with the player and how it could look in the level.

Just a green color that assigned on.

Just a quick snap shot of how the grass could look if the player is walking through it, how it towers above him and how the sun rays bounces and pierces the raw stem.

Just a bunch of the grass and mushroom on how it might appear. The grass would be spread across the terrain with other foliage and assets. I might perhaps, don't put as many on the players path, to make it more clear.

A screen capture of my player traveling to the tree stump, I just really like the atmosphere and size, looks huge.

On top of the tree stump, it was interesting to check on how the player could see across the horizon of the level, so I will have to create 'level of detail' assets beyond the boarder of my level. Perhaps some atmosphere like fog or other effects to help with this.

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