Thursday, 20 March 2014

FMP - Tree log and Stones

 At first I was thinking to have big rocks as you can see on the images left and right. However small rocks/ stones would be same in account to those big rocks if the player was at normal height.

Something similar to these size and type of stones, shape and detail.

I will make a bunch of stones and perhaps one or two enormous rocks which they can be used as barriers for the level.

I can also exploit the rocks and stones from when I am sculpting, to sculpt differently the sides and angles of the stones/ rocks that can be used multiply times when I will be rotating/ scaling them in UDK, to which 1 stone can make out to look like 4 different stones.

Here are some of my stones/rocks finished.
 I wanted their shape, edges to be more rounded and subtle, with similar detail to one another.

I really enjoyed sculpting rocks and it was fun testing out Zbrush other brushes for hard surface sculpting. There are loads of techniques of shaping and detailing the them but I just kinder created my own way from what I have been learning in Zbrush through this project. 

Decimated rocks in Max, ready for retypo

A Tree log, sculpted from a model cylinder in 3D max. I inserted an inside area, so I can have the player start from there.

I am going to achieve this kind of  bark surface when sculpting my model, very dry and old with alot of cracks and dents.

My final tree log,  very much enjoyed sculpting this log, learn't a few different techniques to get a different result from my previous tree sculpts when doing tree barks. Ideally this would also be covered with moss.

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