Monday, 10 March 2014

FMP - Zbrush Mushroom sculpting

These are a set of mushroom references that helped me when sculpting them. Mushrooms do have a role within the set especially for the player to move from one place to another as a platform.

I did a base mesh in 3DS Max to get an overall decent silhouette of the Mushroom. My first one was based on the red headed mushroom above.

A progression screen capture of  the underside of the mushroom. At first, and attempting to be more efficient with my time, I was challenged by how to create the details underneath the mushroom without relying on my own sculpting.

So I created an Alpha brush in ZBrush that placed the initial image details.

The image on the left, I generated 'noise' for the overall surface of the mushroom, then sculpted in some bumped formation.

Then I sculpted in some of the white spots to complete the overall look of the mushroom head.

My final outcome of my first mushroom which includes the stem of the mushroom, I notice that some mushrooms have additional details around the base of the stem, but decided to keep it simple.

These were my second set of mushrooms to sculpt. I thought to aim towards a more flattop mushroom, thinner in waist and can be used as a platform for the player to jump on. I can bunch these together because of the relative straightness of the stems.

The image on the left, shows underneath of the mushroom and the impact that applying my Alpha brush on the top of the mushroom had on the underside.

The mushroom to the right I sculpted in some lift and formation of the mushroom top, also adding a couple of new brushes that I made to give those details more efficiently.

The mushroom below shows the attempts to detail the stem with its rough surface.

My second mushroom, quite happy with the overall result. Building on my previous techniques and working out that developing the idea had led to a more effective and efficient finish.

My third mushroom has a very simple shape. It resembles a darning bodkin, as can be seen in the right reference image.

I wanted to create a simple looking mushroom to fill the level.

Using my previous techniques I generated some quick details that looks convincing.

My third mushroom the silhouette is just very basic however the overall details  provided a pleasing result to add to the collection of mushrooms so far.

I decided to create fungi for the main purpose as a platform for the player when he is jumping across and up the tree-stump.

I created a disc like shape in 3DS Max as a base mesh then, used the move tool in ZBrush to alter the shape. Then I sculpted and added some alpha brush details to the surface of the fungi, which can then be rotated around to make each side unique and modular.

My fungi result made me pleased with the over all design.
Since I had limited time to spend on these, it had turned out a lot stronger than if I used references to generate the details.

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