Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Abby Park: Update 2

With my last couple tries of an final piece for Abby Park. I felt I wasn't satisfied with the previous and felt I will not give up and give another go.

I wanted to keep in mind of making an 'concept' piece of Abby Park then just an reference study like my first one. So I was looking through my references and found this one.

I really like this picture, because of few distinct objects like the bridge, fence and those twin dragons on top of the bar. In one sense it does look a bit complicated with a mount of foliage, that can get confusing and difficult but I thought why not.

Initially I had a few ideas of a character I could place in and maybe change some of the scenery. Now I felt I could of done small studies of this image, to look at the foliage, value, colour, perspective, basically understanding those fundamentals in this image.

So here is my development stages
First I laid down some quick perspective guides. To which, I should've made sure they are much more correct. Then I started to block in colour and some parts of the reference I found interesting.

I painted in a character on separate layer because I knew that I would change his placement. So I resized him to the right area, trying to convey his a guard.

I have improved the guard armor a lot more, still struggled in for an good pose and proportion.

Second and third one, I added a lot more detail and improvements to the overall piece.

This is my final result. I added some atmosphere to the piece of blurring and blending some areas and having the focus funnel down the centre. Also I improved the vibrancy, contrast within the layers properties and the controls.  I really do admire the little change of the centre piece which is an Dragonball from Dragonball Z and the surreal type of buildings, I tried to portrayed. I thought I did a fair job on the foliage and everything else overall.

However this piece was a pain in the arse in one way because I understand that I should of done small studies which could've cut the cost of time, working it out in the 'now' of the piece and as well there still a lot of improvements that I could enhance this image, though I am semi-okay with how my character turned out, but I understand the change next time.

I had a good critique by Nizaam him saying I should of got a strong reference to convey the character and look at my lighting and shadow of certain parts that should of casts some and maybe lighten up the background more to convince distance.

So thanks

I feel I will attempt another Final but this time, keep it more close to the reference, I enjoyed this creative spin-off but feel that I got a lot of fundamentals to understand to pull one off with better execution.

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