Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My summer works: Part 2

Sorry for the parts but I thought to space it out evenly and not having one massive blog.

I have never really attempted a 'softskin' painting and I really admire a lot of paintings that look in this style, so I thought to give it a go. So a portrait painting which was going to be a speedy practise, but I just can't leave things when it looks too awkward  Though just was a good exercise for my first  painting soft skin tone. I also thought to get a funny expression type, just appealed to me :3

I painted it in colour, and after I thought to save a grayscale version as well.

Soon after this, I decided to do another portrait, they were just so fun, but I found that I did it reasonably faster or maybe stuck at it more consistently. Though I was contemplating this as a small caricature, since I made the features a bit bigger and wider than they should be >.> Probably just saying this because I should have done it better ha! There are a few things I notice now, I can improve on, but happy to leave it as it is. 
I also restrained myself from not colour picking the reference which I had done about 70%. I found that you do really appreciate the colours a lot more and get a great understanding. 

I did leave this one for a while, thought I would quickly finish this up. At the time I decided to do something a bit different and get practise in doing feathers overall. Quite a challenging piece, still got so much more to improve, but happy with the pratice :)

Bum of the day practise, ha :d For a friend as a joke.
However my focus on this was to study the tonal value and tried getting a nice gradient in painting the skin and also understand the curves of the body and proportions. Do really like this :)

Here is something different I thought to try, more so off my own creative back. I was planning to go for a Cat/ Bat, though then it turned out to be one with just wings, I couldn't think much to do in the grayscale version so I changed it in the colour version and thought to go for  cool consciousness-spiritual image.
Though it was useful for my brother to mention about chimera's which ironically have some similarities.

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