Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Year Two, semester one Task 13: Reflection on year one, and ambition for year two

It's good to be back in Leicester on it's grounds and feeling this new burst of excitement and energy.

A brief reflection of my first year...

So grateful for such a challenging course, because I know it will deliver such potential growth within, improve those strengths and eliminate those weaknesses that I such need. It was pretty hard to adjust to everything. Not using my personal life or issues back at home as such as an excuse, I take full responsibility of my errors and ways but my main problem I 'did' lack in...I have never been a big 'studier' or keeping at something and furthering it on, just generally too layback and always left things right at the last milli second.

On a positive side, I really felt I did very well within what I have succeeded in  and achieved this year. Adjusting to it all, getting confidence and improvements with not only my Art passion but the whole university experience. I am an introversion type of guy, modest and humble, generally enjoy my own comfort and grounds, can not always express myself in the best or correct way, but it's been fantastic to meet such brilliant people in all years and the lectures that everything and everyone is so much inspiring, caring, helpful and focus on achieving those heights, that I am very grateful to be here at this present time and to have an fantastic learning support teachers, always willing to give guidance and wisdom.
Thank you all so far :)
On to the summer, you could say it started quite poorly but eventually it ended very happily :3!
You aer not here to see any dwelling, moaning or whatever nor I am here to do so but overall from certain events that happened you could say in one perspective the summer wasn't good. However I understand it was necessary for me to break free from my past self. That fantastic opportunities arose , which really shifted my consciousness to new plateaus and back to my soul path.

I did get one surprise, in a way I did have an expecting thought and feeling, I just knew that I had not done well in the first year!
 I was right, my results seemed a bit unfair and bizarre because I did really put effort into my work, best I could, though I guess it wasn't a good enough standard for some reason. On reflection  I do agree in many ways, as reworking the project enabled me to see why I might get a low grade even though at the time it really didn't look that bad to fail. Nevermind though, because there was a 1 continue for me to use and so I did.

There was an Game Production Reassessment Project to do, whichI was required to model and texture a 'Tree House'; which was to be a wooden structure set amongst the branches of a tree with the structure set within a small scene; onto a patch of ground with plants and foliage etc.

I didn't get bitter or down over my results no way, as I said, I take full responsibility of my self and actions and not waste energy passing the blame. I used the energy to get excited on the fact, this project covered all of the essentials that covered most of the projects this year, an fantastic opportunity to progress,  my  capacity of  understanding and using 3D Max Studios. Which I so dear know I needed the practise!

So here is what I had achieved

It was a lot of aches and pains, but I recovered from them and feel well more equipped and stronger on all levels :3 So I received my results and I passed and progressed to the second year ^_^!

Within the timeframe of the summer period to now, besides the reassessment project, it didn't stop carrying on learning and improving my artistic skills in 2D formula. I did a good bunch of digital paintings, which I was very pleased with the results of each and every one. Although I still have a lot to learn and to improve on  it was rewarding to see how much  better I have become.
From reflection of my first year I feel I have gained a greater commitment because I now understand more and have improved my skills of drawing fundamentals which I believe are the most important element for my course. Getting into using the modelling program has been very good and the realisation that using the blog is a good way to communicate my interests and work with others.

For me to improve on all this Year 2  sees me almost starting afresh. I am trying to break old habits which have seen me completing the work but not necessarily to the potential I know I have. Year 2 sees a more motivated and self directed James. I am hoping hat the second year will continue to stimulate me into becoming more 'serious' in reaching my goals and giving me the skills that will enable me to progess into a career of my choice as well as develop me personally on all Trinity levels!

By the end of the second year I hope to have achieved
  • good time management skills
  • commitment to extend my practice and learning
  • beginning to communicate my work to others through the development of a portfolio
  • achieve new techniques and knowledge in use of software, modelling, drawing and painting

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