Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Destination Abbey Park : Week one

It's was great to finally get back into the course and get into our first project!
We went to Abbey Park, to look at not only perspective and the scenery but lightning and shadows. 
It was a shame that it wasn't a sunny day, but at least it wasn't a raining day, just grey skies, there were so much beautiful scenery and interesting objects to draw from, that you wanted to just capture them all!

I'd firstly go around the park as much as I can, exploring the areas and take a lot of photographs

 Here is just a few images selected at random, just to show what type of garden it is.

As for myself trying to draw? Well let's say it was pretty difficult. Getting in turned again in drawing, with the things I have learned last year, my first page of thumbs wasn't too great but a good practise to reflect and learn.

Not only Chris asked for the mediums such as pencil to draw from, he did want us to experiment with colour. I didn't have colours with me, apart from a felt-pen. However as you can see, I struggled not only with perspective, but rendering or understanding what mark-making to use to achieve the foliage and others that exist around.

I couldn't really concentrate properly and focus for a good while, getting used to the idea of 'thumbnails' again, got a bit annoying since, how quality or quantity was needed?

As you can see, I have improved a lot more, after sitting down and breaking out my old ways and training in the new ways, to figure out way to go about it all. Even though I did these in a bout 10 - 20 minutes, I felt a bit more quality thumb studies would be better for my own learning.

Here are more studies of Abbey park, getting better in my accuracy, speed and rendering.

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