Monday, 7 May 2012

20 - Christmas break (Vehicle design project)

I made a miserable attempt with my Vehicle project at Christmas, so it was good that it was needed to be finish.

Here are my thumbnails that I did using felt pens, just random scribbles and ideas out of my imagination.

A quick concept and learning different approaches from the silhouette

Here are line sketches of different concepts moving lift, flying vehicle I was thinking. I'd then paint over in a Sci-fi look. I do feel I could added some textures to them but might be a bit much. 

Here is a quick blueprint design in pencil. Trying to understand perspective and design

Here is a  paintover from the blueprint design I quite like the look of it at the moment. I might improve the final with texture brushes and colour.

Here some better render of the Jet concept. I wanted to see different variation in colour and texture and I was trying to improve in my design presentation as well.

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