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Creativity, the talent myth and craft

Creativity to me, is something that can start from a belief, a willing, a determination, something that 'you' manifest into reality.

I would like to say, that society and the system manufacture us into, a one systematic way, robotic way. It hindles the human creative expression of whom we all are.

It's obvious now that there are people that orchestrate and engineer this (the world in fact). You can imagine that it is a dark-light room that they sat around a table and said 

'Right, what we need to do is to, find some way of getting young people see the world, the way we want to see, so  by the time they become adults they are completely following the reality we want them to believe. So heres a plan, what we do is we can create and have a system that takes the children from their parents at least 5 days a week all day, from about the age 4 or 5 and so 'education-system' have control of their minds until they are about  16-18"

Sadly to say  that it's not education more like indoctrination.

(small artistic video that is pretty symbolic of the system)

How are they able to do this, enslave us and manipulate us?  apart from subliminals, Tv, beta brainwave state (suggestive state) etc.

A good way to get an understanding of ourselves how we and the brain function, is that
we have two hemisphere of the brain.

The left-side of the brain is considered to be adept at tasks that involve logic, language and analytical thinking. The left-brain is often described as being better at:

The Left Brain
Language, Logic, Critical thinking,Numbers, Reasoning

According to the left-brain, right-brain dominance theory, the right side of the brain is best at expressive and creative tasks. Some of the abilities that are popularly associated with the right side of the brain include:
The Right Brain 
Recognizing faces,Expressing emotions, Music, Reading, emotions, Color, Images, Intuition Creativity.

There are research has shown that abilities in subjects such as math are actually strongest when both halves of the brain work together. See you can't be to much left or to much right, there shouldn't be a war but both need to be back to that wholesome brain we have. 
It's amazing to see how children act or animals, they are so spontaneous  exploration, inquisitive  creative that as we do grow up, we do lose this part of ourselves in many different forms or express this in a other alternative because when we leave our systematic life-style working 9-5. People need this release. Instead of being conscious and use your energy correctly,  a lot of people are not connected or not conscious of their actions so you can get people who are rebellious (not in the right way)  drinking, smoking, drugs taking, sex, violence, that as well  food, bad health, diet that has an impact on all of this. That my point is, it's all that  energy used in a negative way, but if that was directed and use properly, no doubt that this world would change drastically for the better.As the left brain, has a perception of this reality, words, thinks it thinks in logic, visualized, taste it, see it, touch it , it's must be real then and the right, with creativity, inspiration and connection, artist of people who doesn't see limitation and 'sees' through the heart as well the mind.

 The corpus callosum has a massive part in this. As you can see on the images, the irony for it to looks like the shape of Horus the eye of ra? So one could say that is not a god it is a location in your brain, where your amygdala, corpus callosum, pineal, pituitary, and thalamus are housed more information

We only use fractions of our brains, why is that? the other thing is the system does it by turning our left brain , putting through information through schools, college, uni's, into the left brain and then ask at the time of a exam, to give it all  back, and if you tell them  well enough what they told you, you will pass the exam and be very successful.

If anyone takes any of that in the right brain and question it through it in the exam. They will see that as a disruptive influence

This what happens to you to become a doctor or overwhelmingly a politician, a journalist or some one often in the industry. Professions that controls, like lawyers and on and on we go. We have to go through our young live, constant taking information through our left brain and regurgitating it on exam papers. To become a teacher you have to go through that same process and then you have to go to a Teacher Training College where you taught how to do it for others and  let lose all of that on the children.

The whole system is run by left brain system. Subjects like music and art, run by the right brain stimulates are constantly cut-back in favour of left brain curriculums.

Things do really need a change and people are understanding and seeing this now. As I said, we are 'creator-being' all in us are genius's it's a bout time we use this and not waste this, you could say this is the talent, a gift that has been given to us by birth-right, it's whether to harnish and use this ability.

I don't normally watch TED talks at times, because I have came across some of the information else where but it's always nice to see other opinion and perspective on the subjects.

Recently watch it again with a James, of Sir Ken Robinson

His very clever and wise on how he speaks and put's across his information, though his points are very valid and right.

As for myself, an artist. It is wise to understand, how we can use our creative ability and get the best out of it, learn it, develop it, master it.

I have had this book for many years now and not really read it fully or did the exercise but it is something that I will go back to, first time I got introduce to knowing that there are two different sides of the brain and when you draw it's a bout trying to trigger and shift yourself to the right side of the brain (the left obviously have it's importance) and it's a bout balancing the both in a way, but the right seemed to be used a lot more with some of the importance attributes it gives artist. The exercise she teaches, has prove that it works and validates the hemisphere on it's differences.

Well, it can be strange and a hard question to see how some people just have that, talent, gift to certain things or do certain things but in a way that is the magic illusion for people to not understand that the person probably have sweat for hours, working it all out, but they see the full package of all of that manifest as one.

For myself, I do feel I have the potential and the ability to achieve anything I wish to do so and so anyone else can. It really just takes that determination that development, that evolution of mind, body, and soul to achieve what you must achieve, no other way about it and for myself to where I am at the moment, In art in what I have achieve from my own small learning and just started to take it serious now in University and from the person who I used to be, I know I have achieve a lot of my self and I have a lot more to give. I know I have a lot of raw talent in a lot of things, but I do tend to prolong my ability of being too lay-back and a bit lazy at times of actually learning and studying and missing those vital fundamental informations by I should be putting all my love and effort into it then seeing it as a chore at times. I have learnt to deal with my distractions and chopped them down a lot and the university course has been a smack in the face of this, so I thank it. Totally wake up call, to take this stuff serious, flourish and to have better discipline.

Some people on the course may look they have that 'raw' talent in one way they might have but in other way, I see that they have spent longer practising and studying or introduced earlier to the subject as a child where the magic can happen fast. The course is proof that it is not talent that just gets you there, it's hard work and determination, as there are many examples of students that proves this and normally you find the talented students at the start may look good and impressive but over time the hard-workers can achieve this and surpass them, because the talented students can become lazy and have a ego which can let themselves down, because when they do use their ability, you can see some magic!

 (what do you use?)

To finish this blog-post of, a FengZhu video again, as he has a lot of videos containing a great wealth of information not to long ago, he did a video of students work before his school and after a few weeks or months. He does seemed to be fully aware on how to 'educate and teach' people to use their own creativity. As I guess just like my self and many other people, we go a bout life, or ourselfs doing it the wrong and harder way, but not the right and smarter way (smarter that can be hard but has more of a multiplier of grow)

Well there are processes and specific 'rules' you could say (which aids the growth of development and creativity) in which in art, the fundamentals are them.

The building blocks to get you to where you can unlock and create mastery!

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