Saturday, 11 May 2013

Moonshine Hill Billy Project

The Moonshine Hill Billy project
This project offers an chance to pick either vehicle  character or landscape.  

At the start, I decided to do an character, which normally it is my comfort zone. I did decide to do an obese hill billy because I never done an larger frame person before, so I got down silhouettes then  I did a few practise 10 minute studies, understanding how the fat is shaped, the larger surface and as well the extrusion of fat or bloat, like the stomach and how to paint this.

I decided to not carry on doing a character, just didn't really feel like it in the end of the studies.

I then thought to do some landscapes instead, because I rather use the practise and time for this,I can also have an character in my scene if I decide to add one.

My idea for the project is to have an old cabin building situated in an swampy environment
I was quite happy with these thumbnails, because they were mainly created out of my imagination.  I was trying new styles and techniques when painting my thumbs, by having random brush strokes and building up my composition through that.

I thought to do an forward shot. Experimenting with different brushes (default ps ones) and painting practise of the wood of the building, with just enough paint strokes to give that representation.

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