Friday, 24 May 2013

Roar of the Worlds Project - # 2

I made a quick 3D sculpture, (still unfinish) which I didn't really mind if it was unfinish because I was able to create a concept when painting from it but it was something good to go by.

Some quick  idea thumbs of my creature in location. I do really like them all. I quite admire the white contrast of the middle one and it kinder gives a sense of movement and speed to me. The third one, sits well and can be quite open for a dramatic scene like placing police, army, helicopters in the scene.

So I decided to go with the first one because I want the front of the creature to be capture. So I lined art over the thumbnail, and then started to repaint over with 100% opacity to define some shapes and bulk. But I realised by doing this, I kinder lose the organicness from the sculpture.

I'd then decided to totally change the perspective of the buildings that was in my previous development. I thought to be loose and sketchy with the buildings because they are all 'damage and decade'. The contrast helped to push that out, because of the shape of the silhouette

It got a bit stagnated where it was left at and I needed to move on, so Mike told me a bout using a gradient through the layers, which was really useful because it allowed me to get this kind of lighting and colour by accident, then just had a massive burst of 'knowing' and really felt confident on the next stages building it up for a dramatic effect.
Final :D

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