Thursday, 16 May 2013

Story Book Character Project - Mirrrrrrior Maaan!

My storybook character 

As I have never fully read a book in my life, I was left questioning, what character can I create from a sentence or description from an book, by imagining it from my own creative imagination.
I had none really, but fortune ally I was in luck. 

I was doing an shift at Curry's (part-time work) and one of my work colleagues and I was having a conversation and it suddenly came onto funny stories  a bout when he was younger I am always fascinated  by listening to older people there young times. 

The Mirrior Man

"Well there was an elderly interesting chap, 
you know one of these characters that you can pick out, of a crowd.
He was an strange fellah, by not only his appearance but his actions.
Mirror man used to walk around the city centre, regularly, slow and steady,
but he had a staff that he used to support himself and walk with.
The staff was covered with strange mirrors, by dangling ones and various of other mirrors
and each time he walked a few feet, he used to stop, tap his staff on the ground
looks around and say "Yep thats al right" and then walks on and repeats."

At the time when Dan told me this, I'd immediately in-vision this and the whole scene. I was trying to be conversational about the story. Most people probably judge and label Mirror Man as strange, crazy and needs some mental health, but I was thinking something different, something positive, imagentive, that his role you see, is there to deceive to the norm of society. Perhaps he had a gift or a job that he was able to see  more then what the population could perceive. He saw different reality and dimensions? Or keeping this reality safe and the earth lay-lines in check, which why he taps his staff and the mirrors could be portals.

So here was my first mood-board, I wanted to aim for an homeless elderly guy by this, it can displays a lot of character attributes and a lot of other details for me to study and understand the walking, posture, clothing, cloth, hair and untidiness.

Study of Jeans

I was aiming for some ripped and grungy Jeans. I decided to go for two different fabrics and colour because each one can visually change the effect of the character. The folds were something I wanted to gain practise, by studying if a few paint strokes be enough? or some actual painting and blending is required

Study of Jeans

I thought to go for two different type of Jackets, one is denon and the other is >.> just another jacket lol :D
I'd first did a fast sketch, then painted on top of the line art, added some texture to each one and the final look. This just to make me aware the impact textures can create, though don't really use them.

I did some facial practises, understanding the creases and folds within the anatomy of the face. Elderly people do have interesting faces, amazing how it can look distorted and really change, from when they age or gets weathered from the hardship of life and unhealthy active life style that will present the face with dramatic affect of character.

Really enjoyed painting these, not only studying the amount of information of the faces, but how fast I got each of these down, I feel I have improved from my accuracy and proportions.

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