Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mortal Engine Project - Update # 2

Just an small sketch in bed, understanding fabric in pencil.

I decided to go with this pose and design from my silhouette,  I created an small concept design page of my ideas. Trying to understand textures and materials and to understand what to model.

I carried on futhering in my development of my character suit. I thought to try it in an more simpler design approach. I was learning a bout linework, getting the accurate crisp lines, the correct weight and accuracy. Only part was an let down was the feet but I have took that into consideration.
However from the line work, I was able to give my character an base colour and I added some layers affects for design and presentation. I know it can look a bit 'Manga' but my intentions was not that and it shouldn't be a problem if it was, because to me I was aiming for an simplified character of myself.

I'd just did some 10minutes composition sketches of my character in situlation. I learn't a lot from this, from improving my perspective skills, the way my line, paint work and values. 

Here was attempt of an Final. I working out an composition, lighting and the landscape. I felt the landscape like the rocks was quite challenging to paint. 

I also had feedback from Mike, suggesting to pose and use myself as an reference, then just making up out of my head. Though I was still proud I manage to do what I can without reference, but can not be wise.

I'd manage to find an old photograph of my self. At the time when I was playing around with my new camera, and made an pose for myself, which has come useful!

So I started from sketching and studying the reference. My main objective was getting the pose right, then the rest can follow with no problem. It took a while to render my suit on to my painting, for which I had to create the design on this final painting. I am very pleased with this because I really learn and understood a bout light and shadow. I was basically painting in "bevel" filter effect from eye and understanding.

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