Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mortal Engine Project - Update # 3

Few images I used for inspiration and ideas.  An crystal reference which was really handy and what I needed and then knowing my composition to make something fit around my character. I really like the contrast of light, dark atmosphere and subtle in colour.

Here is the final image in situation,  I decided to place my character in a crystal cave.  I wanted to convey a sense of atmosphere inside, with rocks and crystals, with strong contrast in light and dark. Whether it is a good thing, but I wanted the viewer eye to be drawn from the character then to the outside hole. I have added some texture detail to the character from using default brushes in photoshop and as well improve the lighting around him, making the crystal he has picked up and his expression of examining

This was myself making an Orthographical View to help me understand my own proportions for when I create myself in 3D Max.

Quick fun of making an portrait analysis, understand the spacing and relationships between each features of the face.

Though reminds me of 

(Parody Version)
hahahaha :D

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