Friday, 24 May 2013

Roar of the Worlds Project - # 1

War of the Worlds project, it was an awesome project, quite flexible and expansive.
I was very unsettled in deciding on an idea, but I am happy with the experimentation and the amount I have learn't from this.

It was pretty cool to listen to this old fake radio that they created up, it actually tricked many people and they  believed this was actually happening. Listening to it and how it was done, still can sound convincing and since there was limited access to information, it was hard to de terming or to check up if this was fake or real.

I believe on another perspective  this was also a test and a study to understand and to see, how the public handle 'information and a event' such as aliens invasion and see how they respond and collect data. On one agenda the hoax and  acting this out, you could say a piece of art and all that setup but there is always two sides to the coin and you could say this was an great opperchunity to 'observe' the masses.

Anyway, on towards my concept work :) !

It was strange but I just couldn't settle on a idea, I believe I done about four different concepts.  Each concept attempt I approach it different from drawing, painting, silhouettes, perspective drawing and more.

Here I started out with silhouettes, creating random shapes, but I thought to start out with the lasso tool and then fill it with black. I was trying to discover to see if I can visually create something from seeing the sharp angles.
Then I added some variation of tone and line, but just felt indecisive but noneless I took certain elements that was successful and moved on to the next design. 

I decided to go with one of the silhouettes which inspired me into concepting an alien creature.
I was trying to work out and understand the creature anatomy. I think I should of research some skeleton prints of animals or creatures, to give me a idea and better understanding, for when I create from it, I am able to go a bout painting my alien with a stronger foundation.

However I thought I didn't do to bad, I really love what I concept out and the improvements I made from my first one. I just decided to stick with more the tripod theme and if I had time can go back and finish him off.

I did some more fast silhoettes and then gave it a value change, quite like the over all idea but from my previous concept on which I could of research more a bout skeleton structures etc. I thought to learn from my mistake and so it I led me to pursue spiders and create something base from them.

Here is where I got big inspiration from. He is a Peacock spider, really super small. Has beautiful colours and design.

Nature is the best artist!

I decided to study spiders in it's 3

Here are some of FengZhu student works, great reference angles they are in.

I'd then decided to do attempt of a drawing in perspective. I did do a lot more but can't seem to find the files :( but yeah it was tricky, since I am only just learning perspective but I am happy with this :)

By taking some inspiration from the peacock spider and then just making the rest up, I eventually came up with the next lot of concepts.

These were pretty random but still I enjoyed painting them and coming to a small design final. The names are a inside joke, though creative :D!?

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