Thursday, 16 May 2013

Story Book Character Project - Mirrrrrrior Maaan! Update # 2

Just some 30 seconds speed sketches of poses I was visioning. They are pretty terrible but they were useful for myself to flush out my ideas and get an idea of what I wanted.

I decided on some poses I liked and combined some from my 30 second poses.

I also didn't go with the  faces above just didn't really fit my 'idea' of Mirror man.

On these pose sketches, he does look a bit like Gandalf which was not intentally but that is what I thought of what Mirror man could potentially have some similarities to him.

I decided to do some extra prep-sketches. The first I decided to do something different, which was good really, because I broken away from the 'thick jacket' and gandalf look, I thought an fabric ripped skirt, bag, hat and bomber-jacket.

Second one I carried on from my other prep-sketch and improved it, given it better proportion and some extra detail, however I got feed back from James Teeple and he recapped me by saying he doesn't fit the story of an frail elderly man and suggested to look at elderly people, which they can develop hunch backs, which was an great idea!

So the third one, was working well and finally getting some where. The head was perfect, got his posture and pose more fragile and elderly. Looking back a bit to much of an hunch back but I did see some people have that lol.

I decided to redesign his clothing adding a long jacket with another piece of cloth underneath (the idea came from my previous prep-sketch!) then adding in those jeans with rips, then his feet with wear and tear socks and then his staff with some small shards of mirrors dangling.

This was a semi final of a stage I got up to, was indecisive on a background, whether to place him in a location of a town or have him in an abstract background.

I'd decided to place him where he rightly belongs, on a city street going about his daily routeen.
I found a great reference which I could of just place as a backdrop, but I decided it wasn't right.
So I was able to create a good likeness base from the reference. I decided to add in a character to fill in the empty space, so looks an everyday street :)

Woops, I only notice, I forgot to give that guy a hand >.>
Though I am proud from my achievement by going from right at the concepting stage, making errors and figuring my way through it all, then finally deciding on a certain few, then changing my mind and then eventually back on track, that everything all worked out.

When I do have time, I will improve this painting  I need to make the flooring neater, although I am impress with the texture detail from doing all this only with the default Photoshop brushes, also clothing folds and the details of them needs an touch up, I would want to give extra design to the staff and improve  the other guy values. Then the rest of the values of the image.

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