Thursday, 3 May 2012

10 - Reef Character Project - 3

I felt now, it was time to pick a concept I like and finalise that. I felt that Concept Design #3 appealed to me a lot. However I realise, the type of design I chosen suited more of a female build and as you can see above I changed it into that. This is my orthographical view of my character in a simple form, to make it a lot easier for me to know its proportions when I am going to sculpt the character

This is where I was transforming its head, making it more complex and alien-like for the theme of Reef.

This is where I only got up to. I didn’t have time to create a landscape concept for my character to be placed in. I will want to finish this off when I have time. Over all I am happy with the reef project I felt I have learnt a lot with myself by trying and learning new method, processes which was a vital trial and error for me to get to a much polish and unique design of a reef character.

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