Thursday, 3 May 2012

12 - Guild Hall

We visited Guild Hall in Leicester; it was a pretty amazing place, for its old architectural design and had a lot of character. We all wished it wasn't freezing there, whist we were drawing; however it was inspiring to see a lot of old furniture and ornaments.

We had to do thumbnail sketches and then do a final piece.

Here are some thumb nails of the place. I felt I have improved a lot from semester 1 and felt a lot more confident drawing from life, I felt I should of done a bit more extra traditional thumbs and maybe use different medium.
These were some extra thumbnail practise doing digitally. It felt a lot easier to get tonal value down, however I notice that, I lacked in contrast and my perspective wasn't always right.
Just showing my process on how I was conducting the thumbnails. I really thought this might be my final design because I felt I captured the room well. Though just couldn’t imagine anything creative from this.

Here is my Final Painting

I thought to create a snowy, cold, damp concept, which looks very water colours. I do like many things of this painting, like the warm colours of the walls and myself trying to paint in light and shadow that I feel this had a nice overall composition to it. 

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