Wednesday, 2 May 2012

2 - One Point Perspective (arch way)

Our next project is continuing from our One Point Perspective but now were doing this at the Arch Way
Where more solid and structural objects like rock, stone and as well considering a lot more information in such a closed space.

It was a lot more comfortable drawing here then the canal and seemed much more interesting.
12 Thumbnails and a final is required.

Here is my first attempt of the archway. A lot more confident perspective accuracy, still need to consider better mark-making and rendering techniques, though wasn't my main focus.

I thought to take time and have a quick attempt of the old fashion street post, because it was very interesting and to draw it with likeness, shown to be quite a challenge. On the left the drawing kinder slopes  which isn't good apart from that the rest doesn't seem to bad.

Few other practise attempts, I really quite like the first one, has a nice overview feel to it, however it isn't correct for which the 1 PP view it suppose to be drawn.

 The others are again just another attempts and angles I was sitting and drawing from.
The last one is from a photograph I have taken and thought to have an practise from having some characters in the drawing.

 It was really differ cult, many mistakes are in this drawing, though I gather a better understanding in the differculty of having characters and the relation of how they are in the relation to the vanishing point.

This is my Final Drawing.

Feel this was a bit of a messy. The strongest part of the drawing is under the archway and around that focal point. As for the perspective it really goes off in the foreground and by not getting the fundamentals right at the beginning, the whole drawings looks really awkward. However I like to note, still pleased in my effort of trying to do better rendering and improving my self.

I always enjoy to take a deep breath and step back and view my work afterwards and specially when blogging, because I find a massive sense of realization of my good and bad points that always needs improving.

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